This page lists characters and terminonly for Apprentice Academy.

Main CharactersEdit

Silverpaw: A small silver tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes. She is a bit quite and umpoplaur. MAny cats don't know about her horrible past, though she still lives through it. She is helpfull and kind and will stick up for others. Despite her kinds, Silverpaw is a GREAT fighter and has a huge hopeless crush. Future: Fighter Mentor: Bramblesun


Life in The ClansEdit


There are five clans. Each have at least 70+ members. This was due to overlapping of cats after The Last Hope, so the clans amde their territory bigger. They made seprate camps and seprate hunting places. They also renamed themseilves. The Council is where the top ranking cats live. There are also Camps, where no more than 8 families live. The Apprentice Academy is located near Tree-Camp, where Silverpaw and her sister Aquapaw live. HEre are the "camps" many cats live in:

Tree-Camp( A small camp with trees)

River-Camp( Small camp with small rivers)

Air-Camp(Open camp)

Dusk-Camp(Clan under trees)

Breeze-Camp(Clan with huge winds)

Song-Camp(Camp with many sounds)

Bird-Camp(Camp with many birds)

Meadow Camp(Camp in a small meadow)

Gorge-Camp(Camp near gorge)

Hill-Camp(Camp on shill)

Clan-Camp:(Where leaders, deputies, healers, and senior warirors live)


The Apprentice Academy is located in a meadow with dens surrounded by oak trees. All clan cats come here. It is located in between MoonClan and SwiftClan territory. Here:

Hunting Class: Where hunters learn to hunt, in between trees and a filed.

Battle Class: Where fighter slearn to fight, in a HUGE sandy hollow

History Class: Where cats learn about history and clan life and transitions

Elective: Where cats have "extra" time to study at the end of the day. Also, it's where they have "Filed"(Gym) and "Song-Time"(Music and Art). In a small cave with moss. 

Punish-Sun: Where cats have "dentention" if they don't follow the rules or skip class.

River: Where cats stop by to drink

Fresh-Kill: Where cats eat "lunch". Near The River.

Bush-Keepers: Where cats keep their "stuff" like fresh-prey. Like a locker.

Filed: Where cats have extra time to study and where the "Council"(School staff) are.

The cats are separated by two grade:

Junior:Cats 6-10 moons

Seniors: Cats 11-20 moons

Sun-Boulder: iS where apprentices do Acts(plays) and meetings(assembles)

Sun-Rise: When Cats have to go to the academy.

Sun-High: When cats leave the academy.

Den-Work: Just like "Homework." Hunters have to hutn a prey.

Assignments: TESTS!


Night-Sun: Where the academy has "awesome" events like assembles, talent shows, and acts!

Exams: Just like real exams.

Warrior-Cermony: When all the apprentices have passed!

Clan-News: Just like a school newsppaer. Apprentices have to:




New Stuff

Kick-Stone: JUST like soccer and football combined, Warriros style.:P A "Elective Team"(Sports team)

Cross-River: Just like "cross country" or "track."

Spirit-Dancers: Just like cheerleads and dancers combined.:P

Sun-Time: Just like "class periods." Each last Full-Sun(An hour).


Leader: Leader of a clan.

Captions: Just like a deputy expect there are five of them. Helps the leaders.

Healers: Just like a medicine cat but there are at least four of them.

Shamon: Receives signs from StarClan.

Fighters: Fights for the clans. At least 35+ of them.

Hunters: Hunt for their families and clans, also fight. 40+

Builders: Help build camps. USually 20+

Caretakers: Helps takes care of kits(Like a babysitter) 19+

Mentors: E teacher

Council: You knwo, liek that staff of a school. There are only three of them.

Apprentices: Students, usually become warriors at 20 moons.

Kits: You know.....kits:P

Queens: Mothers

Elders: Retired warirors. At least 95 moons


Back with the Lake Clans, eight years after the "Warriors" series, the clans overlapped. There were way too much fights, not enough territory to fit every cat, and way too little prey. So, to solve the problem, clan leader mad ethe territory three time slarge and renamed themselves. They also spilt up nineteen ThunderClan and eight RiverClan cats. The clans organized 11 different camps for the clans. They all settled until one day when cats relized that apprentices needed better teaching and more mentors. So, one brillant cat came up with the Apprentice Academy. They found a huge meadow(which the clans were planning to use for Gatherings) and put apprentices in a "school". Ever since then, thing shave been perfect.