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Riverstar: Silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Mother of Amberfoot's kits, Sleepkit, and Grasskit.


Creeksplash: Brown tom with amber eyes.

Medicine Cat:

Lilyfern: Golden she-cat with amber eyes.


Appleleaf: Golden she-cat with green eyes.

Willowsky: Silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes and white paws.

Apprentice: Frogpaw: Dark gray tabby she-cat with green eyes

Tawnyleap: Tawny colored tom with yellow eyes.

Amberfoot: Brown tom with orange-brown feet and amber eyes.

Mistflower: Smoky gray she-cat with green eyes.

Apprentice: Minnowpaw: Black tom with amber eyes

Runningleap: Black tom with blue eyes.

Firedrop: Ginger tom with yellow eyes.

Swoopfall: Silver tabby tom with blue eyes.

Icefern: White she-cat with green eyes.

Quickfire: Sand colored tom with yellow eyes.

Hopefall: Golden she-cat with blue eyes and white paws.

Bounceblaze: Red tabby tom with amber eyes.

Brightwater: Tan colored she-cat with yellow eyes.


Falconleaf: Brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Expecting Creeksplash's kits.

Silverflower: Silver tabby with blue eyes. Expecting Tawnyleap's kits.


Foxflower: Red tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

Badger-eyes: Black tom, eyes were clawed out by a badger when a young warrior. Retied early.


Two rogues sat on the edge of the clans' territory in a clearing. The moonlight shone on the clearing.

"We need to get enough cats to take over WaterClan, TreeClan, NightClan and RabbitClan," stated the black rogue.

"Yes, I know Sharp, I will force my cats to train and once the Dark Forest gives us our powers, we will be superior!" commented the brown tabby she-cat.

"You will name your clan StickClan, right Stick?" inquired Sharp.

"No, from now on, call me Death," ordered Stick.

"Stick," muttered Sharp softly.

"What did you say?" she growled.

"Success," lied Sharp.

"This will be successful!" exclaimed Death.

"Yes it will," agreed Sharp.

"Do you remember the task you must do for the Dark Forest so they will give your clan it's powers," asked Death.

"Yes I do. I will do it as soon as I can," answered Sharp.

"Then we must go," decided Death.

"Yes we should," replied Sharp.

They walked out into the night in separate directions.

Chapter OneEdit

Swoopfall emerged out of the warriors den. A bright sun shine above the camp. The queens laid next to the nursery will the elders laid in the shade of their den. The fresh-kill pile was full of fish and Swoopfall walked over to pick a trout from off top. Minnowpaw and Frogpaw played next to the fresh-kill pile.

"Hey!" Swoopfall turned to see Minnowpaw fall on him, "Respect warriors older then you!"

"But you have only been a warrior for a moon!" Minnowpaw stood up on his black paws, "Besides, I'll be a warrior in a moon which means I am around two moons younger then you."

Swoopfall sighed and glanced to his left as a hunting patrol entered the camp. Their sleek pelts hung wet against their skin. The biggest of the cats padded over to Swoopfall.

"I want you to go on a hunting patrol when Brightwater and Tawnyleap get back," stated the brown tom.

"Okay Creeksplash," replied Swoopfall trying to sound happy, but in his head he groaned. Great he thought I am going to be stuck with Brightwater The tan she-cat wouldn't stop following him around and everyone seemed to think they would become mates even though Swoopfall couldn't stand her.

Swoopfall groomed his silver tabby fur as he waited. He lifted his head as a reed rammed into his face.

"Hey wa," stopped Swoopfall as he looked up to see Hopefall.

Her golden fur shone in the sun and her blue eyes glanced down at her white paws embarrassed. "Sorry,"

"It's okay," stuttered Swoopfall.

He watched her pad of to the nursery where Quickfire was reinforcing the nursery with more reeds. He had never really noticed Hopefall before. She had finished her training a moon before he had become an apprentice.

"Hello Swoopfall," came a soft voice behind him.

Swoopfall looked behind him and barely stopped from groaning as he noticed Brightwater.

"Creeksplash told me to take you and Tawnyleap on a hunting patrol," Swoopfall glanced to his right and spotted Tawnyleap also standing next to him.

"I think I'll leave you two to go hunting alone. I want to visit Silverflower," Swoopfall watched in horror as Tawnyleap left him alone with Brightwater to see his mate in the nursery.

No! thought Swoopfall, Don't leave me!

But it was too late, Tawnyleap had left.

Brightwater turned to Swoopfall, "Let's go hunt,"

Swoopfall took off through the forest. Few bushes blocked his way and gaps through the trees allowed rays of light to shine to the ground. Peeking his ear as he neared the river, he could hear the soft lapping of the water against the riverbank. Peering through the trees with his blue eyes, he could see the river. Arriving at the river, Swoopclaw padded along the bank until his shadow didn't fall over the river. Sitting down, Brightwater stopped next to him.

"You are great at finding places to fish where your shadow doesn't fall over the water," praised Brightwater.

Great thought Swoopfall. Why does the cat who loves me have to praise me on things I have known how to do since my first day alive. Like it is actually hard not to have your shadow fall over the water.

Swoopfall waited silently as a silver fish swam closer, it's scales gleamed in the light. He lifted his paw and got ready to strike.


Swoopfall turned around, scaring off the fish. Brightwater was staring at a fox and she jumped onto it's back. Swoopfall leaped up, ran over, and dug his unsheathed claws into the fox's side. Blood poured down the wound as Swoopfall raked his claws along the fox's side again. The fox turned, knocking Brightwater off. The fox dug it's sharp teeth into Swoopfall's back. A golden cat sliced the fox's forehead open. Swoopfall turned around to glimpse Hopefall as the fox let go. Pain shot through his side as the fox raked it's claws along Swoopfall's side. He spun to face the fox and sliced it's leg open. The fox grabbed Swoopfall and threw him a few fox-lengths away. His vision blurred and pain covered his entire body. Shrieks from behind him made him stand up. The fox was aiming towards Hopefall's throat. Swoopfall launched himself at the fox. He knocked the fox's head away and he turned to slice the fox's throat open. Blood poured from the wound and the fox fell down to the ground, dead. Swoopfall limped over to Hopefall.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

She stood up, "You saved me,"

He looked into her eyes and she looked back into his. A felling came over Swoopfall. A feeling he had never felt before. He had never felt this way towards Brightwater or any other cat. He knew from then on, he loved her.

"Are you okay?"


Swoopfall turned around to see Brigtwater along with Tawnyleap and Creeksplash.

"Once the fox threw me off, I went to go get help," explained Brightwater, "I am glad to see you are fine,"

Swoopfall almost groaned, how could Brightwater not see she was irritating to him. "Yes I am fine,"

Hopefall limped over to Swoopfall. "We better go see the medicine cat,"

"Yes," agreed Brightwater.

Swoopfall stumbled towards camp with Hopefall next to him.